Morning Protein Shake

I’m a creature of habit and also indecisive. I like to eliminate as many decisions as possible during the day. The two of these qualities together means I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day during the week. This route is not for everybody, but it sure works for me. My protein shake has changed slightly over the years depending on what my goals are.

I haven’t just randomly thrown together these ingredients because they taste good. Well, the shake does taste good, but each ingredient serves a purpose. This protein shake also keeps me full until I have my lunch, usually around 11:00 am. It’s not the most appetizing looking thing, but I’m not trying out for Top Chef either!



For the sake of time, I measure out all of the dry ingredients and put them in Tupperware containers at the beginning of the week. I also measure out the frozen cherries, berries and kale and put them in Ziplock bags and keep them in the freezer. Measuring all of the ingredients for the week takes about 10 minutes and saves me about 5 minutes each morning!

When I’m ready to make the protein shake, I measure the almond coconut milk using the food scale. Then I dump in the dry ingredients, then the frozen ones, add some ice cubes, a little bit of water and mix that bad boy up! It comes out thick and creamy. It is a little gritty because of the oats and fruit. I’ve gotten used to the texture over the years, but it’s not for everyone. Another option would be to not use the oats in the protein shake and eat them separately.

Purpose of Ingredients

  • Almond Coconut Milk: although it has less protein than whole milk (what I used before), it also has less sugar and a pleasant taste
  • Protein Powder: I use this kind of protein powder because it has a mix of whey, casein, and egg protein. The whey is quickly absorbed; the egg protein gets absorbed after that; the casein takes the longest to absorb. What this means is I stay fuller longer compared to whey only protein.
    • If you really want to nerd out on this stuff, Jim Stoppani has his Ph.D. in exercise physiology and has a website with a ton of information on it. Yes, he is a big muscly tattooed guy but he obviously knows his stuff!
  • Benefiber: ummm…hello postpartum bowel issues. I will spare you the details but this stuff has helped me.
  • Ground Flaxseed: simply put, it’s a healthy fat. It also has Omega 3’s, which are good for the brain development of Lawson.
  • Oats: not only are they a healthy carb and have fiber, but there’s also the idea out there that oats are good for breastmilk supply.
    • The amount I include in the smoothie depends on if I work out or not. If I don’t work out then I include a quarter cup; if I do work out I will put in a half a cup.
  • Cherries, Berries, and Kale: this mix is included for flavor but to also get a jump start on my veggies for the today. To be totally honest, I suck at eating vegetables. I include kale in my shake because it doesn’t have a strong flavor. I actually buy this bag plus an additional bag of kale and mix it together. That way I get more kale and I don’t even notice!

There you have it! A simple and tasty way to start the day off right! What do you like to eat in the morning? Do you like to mix it up and do different things? Are you a creature of habit like me and stick with the same thing? Tell me in the comments below!