10 Must-Have Items For the First 3 Months

It has been a whole three months since giving birth. While I’m not expert at this mothering thing, I’m starting to get the hang of things for now. Looking back on my baby registry, I would do things a little differently for the first three months of Lawson’s life. Below are the items that we have used on a daily basis. Some of these items we received as handme downs, some as gifts from our registry, and some we bought ourselves.

We used Amazon to create our baby registry. It was so easy and they provide checklists that helped guide me through the overwhelming process! The best part is the 20% off completion discount for Prime members (10% discount for non-prime members)! We were able to purchase some of the bigger tickets items at a reduced price with that discount. Amazon is just the best.

Here are my top ten items, in no particular order…

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

When researching strollers, I landed on the UPPAbaby Vista pretty quickly. I wanted something that was versatile, grow with Lawson, and great quality. I really debated between the Vista model and the UPPAbaby Cruz. The biggest difference between the two is that the Vista will grow with additional kids. Another difference is the Vista comes with the bassinet, but not with the Cruz. You can add an additional rumble seat (the seat attached in the picture above) and they also carry a PiggyBack Ride-Along Board! You can get three kids on that thing. Now the Cruz also has a PiggyBack Ride-Along Board, but that is the only way it accommodates additional kids.

Andrew and I went to the annual Cantaloupe Festival in a nearby town when I was about 7 months pregnant. While there, we saw a family that had the Vista! They not only had the Vista, but they had two kids in it set up like the picture below. I got so excited…like too excited. It was like I saw a celebrity. I was whispering to Andrew “there’s the stroller with TWO kids in it”. Apparently, we weren’t that quiet and the parents heard us talking about their set up. The told us that they loooove their stroller and wish that they had bought it when they had their first kid. Andrew ended up pushing it around and said it still pushed like a dream and turned on a dime. I was confident that we registered for the best stroller after that.

Andrew and I went to BuyBuyBaby to “test drive” strollers and look at car seats. All of the UPPAbaby strollers drove so incredibly smooth, and turned on a dime! We use this stroller all. the. time. The UPPAbaby MESA car seat clicks into the stroller frame without any adapters and detaches with a push of a button. We use the stroller with the car seat while going grocery shopping because the basket underneath is so spacious. I also love taking Lawson on walks with the bassinet. I feel really fancy and stylish with it! It’s great for Lawson while he is too little for the rumble seat and it isn’t really necessary to have him in his car seat during a walk. The bassinet is also safe for sleeping and UPPAbaby makes a stand for it, which then can convert into a hamper. I told you the Vista was versatile!

UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

At first, I wasn’t even considering the UPPAbaby MESA until we went to BuyBuyBaby to look at all of them. It is one of the safest car seats out there. Andrew correctly installed the base himself (we got it checked by a car seat safety technician). Behind safety, the true selling point for us was the fact that it just clicked into the stroller so easily. We also registered for an additional base to put into Andrew’s truck.

Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play

We actually have two of these in our house. This one stays in Andrew’s office so he can keep an eye on Lawson while he works. This one stays in our bathroom so I can get ready while he is awake. I’ve read that some people swear by these for sleeping. The one that is in Andrew’s office automatically rocks, which is an awesome feature!

Love to Dream Swaddle Up

This is one of those items we didn’t register for but purchased at Target out of desperation. The first few weeks, Lawson didn’t mind, and I was able to successfully, swaddle him with a blanket (some of the stretchiest and best swaddle blankets I found here and here). After those first few weeks, Lawson turned into little baby He-Man and would muscle his arms right out of those blankets. He would seriously grunt like he was a trying to break his personal record in squats.

Anyway, at this point I knew that using a blanket to swaddle him was over, so we moved to the Velcro type swaddles.  Little Hulk Lawson would grunt and grunt and grunt and get so frustrated since he couldn’t get his arms out. The grunting was cute and all, but he wasn’t sleeping, which meant I wasn’t either. After researching, I came across this little gem, the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. This swaddle allows their hands to be up by their face, which can be more comforting and resemble their experience in the womb. I won’t say it was a miraculous purchase that led to a full night sleep immediately, but it did eliminate Lawson’s frustration of not having his hands by his face. Less frustration = more sleep for everyone!!

DockATot Deluxe+

The DockATot was one of those must-have items I read about in almost every post! I was extremely skeptical about it. I didn’t understand how it was so amazing and life-changing for people. So I reluctantly registered for something similar that was slightly less expensive. We didn’t receive it as a gift, and I didn’t mind. When I transitioned Lawson into his crib I used a co-sleeper like this that we received as a hand-me-down. The problem I had was when he would start to cry and wiggle around. He would wiggle himself almost completely sideways in it (seriously, he is strong) and wake himself up even more. Again, no one was getting restful sleep.

I started to think maybe all the hype around the DockATot was legit. After crying (literally crying…lack of sleep does a doozy on emotions) to Andrew for about 3 days about how I thought we needed this thing, and after Andrew had slept in the nursery in our chair with Lawson (and one of our dogs), he found one used online. Now, before you gasp in germ-filled horror, we looked up if it was possible to wash the cover. It comes off and can be washed. If we really wanted to, we could have purchased a new cover. We also figured that if it wasn’t worth the hype, then it would be better to be out the money we paid for a used one, rather than the full price.

Let me tell you, I would pay full price two times over for the DockATot. This was the miraculous discovery!! Lawson slept way more soundly and restfully in it! We were shocked at how well he slept in it. Within a few days of getting it, Andrew said we should buy the bigger size one, just in case Lawson suddenly out grows this one! I told him we probably won’t need that until he is about 9 months, but I totally appreciate him looking out for that dreaded lack of sleep that we all experienced. Seriously, my only regret with the DockATot is not having it from day one.\

WubbaNubb Pacifier

So simple, yet so smart. This is a pacifier with the cutest moose attached to the end of it. WubbaNubb has all kinds of different animals, so if you have a certain theme going on you can probably find a coordinating animal. Seriously, they even have a unicorn! Having the moose attached to the end of it makes it way easier to find, partically while I’m driving. I can just reach back, search for the fuzzy moose and pop it in Lawson’s mouth. We lovingly named Lawson’s, Bruce…Bruce the Moose. We take it everywhere when we are out because there is something about Bruce that just makes the pacifier stay in Lawson’s mouth a lot easier. Sometimes Lawson will put his little arm around Bruce and I just about fall on the ground and die!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Video Monitor

I’m not really tech-y, so I didn’t do a whole lot of research on different types of monitors. I knew I wanted a video one and the Infant Optics DXR-8 came highly recommended from a few different friends and websites (the thing is 4.5 stars with over 27,000 reviews on Amazon). The screen size on the actual monitor is nice in size and the picture quality is quite clear. It has some sort of night vision, so I can see whether or not Lawson is thrashing around or sleeping like a baby (as the saying goes). This monitor comes with additional lenses, so depending on what you need one of the other lenses can be used. We use the standard one and have the camera set up on a shelf right in front of the crib. The camera rotates around, which honestly looks a little creepy, but will become useful. Hopefully, he doesn’t see it moving around and develop some sort of complex.

Another nice feature is you can get additional cameras (up to 4 total cameras) to go with it and toggle between them on one monitor. Even if you don’t have 4 kids, I could see it being helpful to have a camera in a playroom to keep an eye on older kids. It has a two-way talk feature. The video screen can be disabled so it becomes just an audio monitor, which saves the battery. Overall, it’s been a great reliable monitor.

Owlet Smart Sock 2

Oh man, this is the holy grail of peace of mind! The Owlet Smart Sock 2 is a little “sock”, which is more like a wrap, that I put on Lawson’s foot at night. On the sock is an oxygen and heart rate monitor, which connects to a base I have on my nightstand and also connects to an app on my phone. If Lawson’s oxygen levels drop below 80%, an alarm sounds. This alarm is loud and it definitely causes a bit of panic. I would rather be panicked in the moment knowing my son’s oxygen levels have dropped and be able to do something about it then panicked when it’s too late.

Lawson was hospitalized with RSV for three nights when he was 8 weeks. It was the most terrible thing we have experienced so far in this parenting journey. The most frustrating thing was the only “treatment” they could give him was monitoring his oxygen levels and give him oxygen through the little nose tubes. Seriously, so sad looking. When it was coming time to discharge him, the doctor essentially gave us a choice of whether we wanted to go home or not! I was desperate to sleep in my own bed after sleeping on that pullout seat chair thing for the last three nights. I told the doctor that we had the Owlet monitor and he had even more confidence in sending us home.

Just the cutest little old baby man

As soon as we got home and Lawson took a nap, I put the Owlet monitor on him. His oxygen levels dropped and that alarm sounded off and I was immediately in tears. I told Andrew I wanted to go back to the hospital. He was so calm and reassuring that we didn’t need to jump in the car and go back. I repositioned him a few times and eventually I just had him sleep on my chest. Lawson was able to sleep great that night without any dips. Had we not had the Owlet monitor, I probably would have requested to stay in the hospital another night because there was no way to know what his oxygen levels were at! Again, peace of mind and information is a priceless thing in my book.

Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

This seat makes Lawson feel like a big boy. He loves sitting up in this and watching what’s going on around him. He got his big old noggin under control around 8 weeks and that’s when I started putting him in this. It’s another nice option of a place to put the baby that isn’t on me or on his back. It folds up flat and easily taken with you. We have taken it to the Grandparent’s house for dinners for a place to put him while we eat (if he isn’t sleeping). This has a higher rate with more reviews than the Bumbo on Amazon.

There you have it. Our top 10 items for the first three months! What could you not live without during those newborn days? Tell me below.